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Synthbench - Flashback update

I presented this version at Flashback 2011. It features:

  • Generator and controller elements that use lua specified waveforms
  • A continuously running tracker where instruments can be assigned to the tracks using "music" effect elements
  • Completely scriptable operation. From the lua console it is possible to construct the table, and manipulate all its controls including the data in the tracker or the waveforms in the lua generators and controllers over time.
  • Update callbacks which are called at 20Hz, and also after each note played by the tracker
  • The delay effect now mixes the input with a delayed version of itself
  • There are also 3 filter effects - band pass, high pass and low pass filters
 I'm in the process of uploading some videos demonstrating the new features. They will appear in this youtube channel.

There are some example scripts which demonstrate how to use the scripting features. You can also refer to the readme file for further documentation.

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