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Syntax Party 2010

I attended Syntax Party 2010 this year. I've always admired the demoscene from afar, so when I heard there was going to be an event in Melbourne, I had to go and see it. I ended up having the time of my life! The venue was filled with like-minded, friendly, enthusiastic programmers and artists all eager to show their creations, and to query in detail about the creations of others. People from all over Australia arrived to code and party all weekend, and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. Even though I didn't have a production prepared specifically for the event, I was encouraged to enter some of the programs I had been showing people during the event. They were Mechabach and Ball Game, and they were both well received. I've made some great new friends, including an ANSI artist named Ozzy who created a logo for my new handle, "fugue":

I look forward to next year's Syntax Party event in Sydney!