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This project demonstrates the use of scripting languages in a Qt project to enable a 3D "live coding" environment. The scripting languages supported are Lua and Scheme (through s7 Scheme). For a version which uses Common Lisp (through ECL), see QtImagine and QtCSG.

The system calls the functions "update" and "render" in both languages to update and render the frame respectively. These functions can be redefined at runtime at the REPL.

When QtLuaImagine first starts, press "Enter" or click the "Execute" button to load an example Lua source file containing example definitions of update() and render(). Then, load the source file into your favourite text editor, make some changes, then load your freshly edited source file from the REPL by issuing the appropriate load command (dofile("filename.lua") for Lua, or (load "filename.scm") for Scheme) to see the effect of your change instantly. Of course, you can also enter expressions and definitions at the REPL itself. The REPL features a command history.

I hope this provides a starting point for programmers getting into live coding for the first time.



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    1. Dopo il servizio google code e smesso, i indirrizzi dei progetti sono cambiati. Il download addesso si trove qui: