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QtCSG - Constructive Solid Geometry scripted from ECL

This project is the same as the earlier project, QtImagine except this also features an implementation of "Constructive Solid Geometry" operations that can be performed on 3D models such as difference, union and intersection. The algorithm for performing these operations comes from the UnBBoolean (http://unbboolean.sourceforge.net/) Java CSG implementation.

See the files csg-test.lisp, csg-test2.lisp and csg-test3.lisp for examples on how to use these features. To run them, note that they need to be loaded in order - first csg-test.lisp, then csg-test2.lisp, then finally csg-test3.lisp, since they reference objects that were created by earlier scripts.

Similarly, see init.lisp and live-render.lisp for a live rendering example script.


  1. I'm currently planning on developing an application which has a considerable 3D visualization side, must be deeply scriptable and should offer a command line interface to the end user.

    While I was combing the net for information regarding not only those issues but also regarding the pros and cons of certain scripting languages, I luckily stumbled on your blog. From browsing your archives, I was left with the impression that not only you've done quite a lot of really cool stuff but also you are quite experienced on the very issues I'm having trouble finding any information.

    So, are you willing to share some insight on this whole "scripting a 3D visualization app" deal?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. We are using sgCore library in our Qt CAD project - http://www.geometros.com/sgcore/review.htm