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Synthbench v002

tech notes:

  Synthbench is an audio synthesis tool inspired by the "Reactable" instrument.
  It features:
    - Generators and LFO controllers with waveforms editable in real time
      either interactively with the mouse or through lua commands.
    - Generators and LFO controllers that use standard waveforms.
    - High pass, low pass and band pass filter effect nodes
    - Delay / phase shift effect node
    - A tracker, accessible using tracker controller nodes that can be
      attached to a generator like any other controller node
    - The two parameters of a generator node can be separately controlled by
      a controller node

interface notes:

  To adjust the tempo, the center node (small purple circle) needs to be
  selected and the controls window needs to be visible ("Controls" menu
  item toggles it).
  The "mf" and "ma" controller nodes need to be attached to a generator
  to enable it to be controlled by the tracker. Sliding the "Track"
  parameter selects which track controls the controller node.
  If you find that a controller node is controlling the pitch instead of
  the amplitude or vice versa, try moving the controller around the
  generator until what it controls changes.
  When placing a high or low pass filter, you may want to increase the Q
  parameter slightly to make the effect more dramatic.
  The generator and controller nodes that allow you to modify the
  waveform are the "lua" nodes. The "WaveformEdit" menu item toggles the
  waveform editor.
  The "Waveform", "Tracker" and "Synthbench" menu items toggles the
  visibility of the respective panes.


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