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Synthbench - A Reactable Simulator - Update 1

This program is inspired by the Reactable, and it attempts to simulate it. This is a very limited early version - the project is an excercise in audio programming.

Differences between this version (2010_12_14) and the previous version (2010_12_03):
  • Its possible to add new nodes to the table by dragging them from the palette
  • The nodes auto-connect and disconnect as you drag them. Controller nodes connect to generators and other controllers, while generators only connect to the output node. Also, a node won't auto connect with a node further away from the output node than it is, encouraging radial node layouts. I may change this rule.
  • The nodes are labelled - generators are labelled "g", controllers are labelled "c".
  • The controller nodes modify a parameter away from the base setting, which means that manipulating the sliders will have an effect even if a controller node is connected.

  • Move a node by dragging it with the left mouse button
  • Pan the view by dragging an empty spot with the left mouse button
  • Zoom the view by dragging an empty spot up and down with the right mouse button
 Limitations and known bugs:
  • The output node doesn't do any mixing - it accepts only one input from a generator node
  • In fact, all the nodes accept only one input at the moment, which means the only thing you can make at the moment is a chain.
  • The only parameter a controller will modify is the period
  • The program might hang if you make a complex structure it can't support - only make a chain for now.
Despite these limitations, you can still achieve some interesting effects.

Coming up in the next version(s):
  • Low/high/band pass filters nodes and other effect nodes
  • Sequencer nodes
  • Controller nodes affecting more parameters
  • Improving the look - possibly switching to 3D so effects can be added
  • Make more use of the Lua console

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