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MagicVines clone uploaded

This is my simplified clone of the PopCap game, MagicVines.

While playing this game (the PopCap version), I was wondering whether strategic decisions about which group of 3 to clear really mattered, and whether a robot which will take the effort out of finding groups of 3 would change the game into a strategic one.

So, I made this program initially to reveal how solvable randomly generated boards would be. In this way, it becomes a little clearer whether the game is sensitive to strategic choices, or whether the game was only about how rapidly the player can recognise groups of 3.

If there is any strategy, it seems to be to try to clear the bottom cells first, because they are replenished less often than cells at the top.


There are 2 executables in this zip file:
- MagicVines.exe
- MagicVines_Robot.exe

Usage instructions for MagicVines.exe:

Click a cell to flip it from horizontal - vertical, and vice versa.
The board clears consecutive groups of 3 or more matching cells in the same column or row continuously in the background. If the board is still eliminating, your group may not get eliminated right away - it will eventually as the board resolves itself. Try to get cascading eliminations!

Press 'r' at any time to reset the board for a new game.

Usage instructions for MagicVines_Robot.exe:

Clicking a cell will direct the focus of the robot player, so that it clears groups around the clicked cell first, before any other cell.

Press 'r' at any time to reset the board for a new game.

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